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Photo:Noel's Cafe, High St.

Noel's Cafe, High St.



Go to cafes

By Davey Ivens

Going to Cafés

The local café or 'greasy spoon' was the place to go to meet friends or chat over a traditional bacon and eggs breakfast.

Teenagers would socialise at local café’s in Corby including Tipaldi’s on Rockingham Road and Noel’s café in Corby village. 

The cafes would have been warm, safe places for young people to hang out - many would have sold ice cream and milk shakes as well as hot food and some cafes would have had a jukebox, containing all the latest records.

Things to do

If you don't know what a jukebox is, ask one of your older relatives or use the internet to do some research.

Create a playlist for your friends:

  • Pick 20 of your favourite tunes, put them in the order your friends would like best at a party

Design a recipe for the world's best milkshake:

  • Think about what flavours and ingredients that would sell best to young people in 2014 
  • Give your milkshake a name and have go at making one at home (get permission and don't make too much mess!)

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When did Tipaldi's become Helena's Cafe? :-)

By Keith F
On 28/11/2015

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