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By Biggeoff Biggeoff

Would it be possible for a forum page to be created for answers to questions people might ask?

This page was added by Biggeoff Biggeoff on 06/01/2013.
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This is a great idea! Please submit your questions via comments and answers via comments

By Michael Mahon
On 06/01/2013

We moved to Corby old village 3yrs ago I live in the old cottage on the high street next to the Mitsubishi garage my husband has great memories of Corby, but we have tried to find out information about our house, ie: when it was built, who built it. We have a lovely old picture of it with the cleaners attached to it. Anything you could tell us would be much appreciated.

By Denise Marshall
On 27/10/2013

Hi, I have just written a 170 page book called THE CORBY JOB HOPPER. I don't know if its pertinent and might be of interest to the readers on this site, its full of Old Corby memories and a few pictures.I am willing to send you a gratis copy if you provide an address and you may quote from it etc. regards Tom.B.

On 02/11/2013

I wonder how many remember the part that German know how played in the early days of steelworks construction.The Bessember steel making process was being assembled for the first time in Britain so a large group of German workers worked alongside the English,Scottish, Welsh and others. I remember my Mother  telling me that when WW2 was about to break out and the Germans had to leave it was very emotional due to the friendships that had been formed.

By Ian Johnstone
On 05/01/2015

Hi my name is Alan Moore, I lived in newark dr corby through the sixties.

And was moved back to scotland 1970 , ish. Always wondered what became of my little pals. 

Would be great if you had a notice board to help reconnect with past.

Wish I had never been taken back to scotland, and was still living there. 

Happy days.

By Alan Moore
On 17/06/2015

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