The town I grew up in

By Jean Parsons

I am so happy to see that Corby has its own history page. I lived there from 1949-1958, and have longed to find my friends from school and learn how Corby has changed.

WE lived on James Watt Ave  yes and I still have friends on Stephensons Way and remember the old steelworks very well,both good and bad things associated with them. ASk me ,...I still have family in the area and I went to the village school for a short while and then to Samuel Lloyd school for girls on Rockingham Road. Miss Palmer was the headmistress and I really thought a lot of her.

I have a book about Corby that my brother sent me and it actually had a picture of our class at a concert at the Welfare and there was I, in the picture I was so thrilled.!

Good luck to everyone with this page, I know my friends from school are all over the world so Ihope this page  gets around! Iam in Kansas



Thankyou I shall look forward to hearing and sharing,

Jean (Gray) Parsons

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This page was added by Jean Parsons on 08/05/2013.
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I was born in 1947 in corby and lived in whitworth ave until I migrated to Australia in 1970 at age 23.i have followed the town on the net and I am glad to see the town is getting back to where it was.good luck to every one there Charles hunter

By charles hunter
On 21/05/2013

Jean - I too lived in James Watt. No. 47 (now No. 83 since they renumbered them). I remember long hot summer holidays and playing in the quarries that backed on to Stevy Way, also down the "Dusty" and Pen Green swing park. Great days!

By Robin Wright
On 10/07/2013

Thought you might be interested in this.

By Corby History
On 19/07/2013

Love this site,I was born in Corby 1941 West Glebe Rd also lived on Eskdale ave and finely Burns drive went to the Village school and Samuel Lloyd's school. I moved to the U.S.A. in1963 now live in Florida.I do occasionally get back and always visit Good Old Corby. 21/7/2013

By Sylvia( Jones ) Starkey
On 22/07/2013

I moved to Corby in 1965. Went to Hazel Leys junior/senior school. My name then was Anne Steedman. had very happy memories of school/ going to the cinema/tin hat/crows nest/ Would love to hear from anyone in that era. I live in Scotland again but Corby will always be my home town.

By Annie Gibbs
On 07/09/2013

I was born in Corby in 1963. I have lived in Cecil Drive (remember the banana flats!), Farmstead Road, Stephenson Way. I left in 2006 before all the changes in the town centre. my dad was at the works when it closed in 1980 I think. I went to Exeter Infants School and Beanfield Junior and Comp. The comp is now gone.

By david mcaleer
On 11/10/2013

im sure I used to go to same school as an Ann Gibbs, Pope john, in late 60's I lived in Buckfast square on the Exeter, left Corby in  the 80's

By Jan rzymski
On 01/09/2015

I was born in 1957 and lived in the octagon before moving on to Stephenson way I went to Rockingham Road primary and then Corby boys secondary modern on James watt avenue Samuel lloyds and Samuel lloyds girls school was next to it. I remember tipaldis cafe but growing up it changed its name to helenas. I remember playing football on west glebe park and when the funfair was on there.

By David Cramp

on 13/11/2015

By David Cramp
On 18/11/2015

I was born in Corby in 1953 and lived in Cameron Court, don't remember much but I think I went to a school called Rowlston or something like that...lived there till 1960.


By Susan MacAskill
On 03/09/2016

I was born in Corby in 1951; my father was minister at the Congregational church and we lived at Wheatley Ave. As an infant we moved to Coventry so my understanding of the town is largely formed from visits and family stories. Such as the winter of '47 a gentleman neighbour had been to the pub and sneezed near his front door with such force his false teeth fell out. Unable to find the them he went to bed. Next day on sobering up he was dismayed to find snow had fallen heavily and had to wait many weeks till the thaw allowed the reunion!Before my time so I do not know how true this is but a nice wee story. I inherited a 'Pole Fair ashtray', haven't seen it for years, must go an look for it.

By Paul Rice
On 19/09/2016

i was born in 1949 at studfall ave also lived Naismith ave. I went to the Corby secondary school for boys. Went to scouts on studfal ave with two of my school mates Andrew burts and peter evens. Would love hear from any body that remembers me as I have lived in Australia for the past 30 years. 

By ian macdonald
On 08/08/2017

blimey,I to was born in 1949,went to rockingham rd junior school,then across to Corby Boys,I also lived in studfall ave,number 10.I don't really look back but I remember Ian Macdonald AND Andy Burt AND Peter Evans,in fact his mother and mine were good friends

By David Taylor
On 13/08/2017

I just love to read about all the folks that lived in the Syeveui Way area, and I shall contact the ones that came over to the USa . I'm one of the oldies now but am in contact with some from my year at Samuel Lloyds shool. And Oh yes I remember the fun we had up the dustrack and the swing park, Good memories. I lived at no 10 James Watt. I wonder what that looks like now. I was back in 2014 but with a handicapped husband I didn't get around as much as I would have liked.


By Jean Parsons
On 13/08/2017

I was born in Tanfields Grove 1940. Brother David sisters Rosa,Agnes, Mary and Eileen. Father was a steelworker/partime fireman and the local chimney sweep. I now live in Australia ,since 1973. Love to read about Corby, it will always be called home.

By John Campbell
On 03/01/2018

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