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Photo:Corby 1965

Corby 1965

Photo:Corby 1965

Corby 1965

Zoom in to find where you live

Going for a walk

By Davey Ivens

Here are some old maps of Corby from 1965. Can you see parts of town you recognise?

Because so many families use cars and buses to get around – even for short trips - some of us are not getting as much exercise as we should.

Have a look at this modern map of Corby - zoom in and zoom out to find where you and your family live.

Things to do:

1. Use the map to find out the quickest way to walk safely to:

·         Your school

·         Your friends’ houses

·         Your local shop

·         The nearest playground or park


2. Imagine you were trying to show someone the way to walk from your house to the local park or playground, but you don’t have a map available:

a) Use a pen and paper to write down the directions you’d give them. You’ll need to tell them:

Which way to go – ‘turn right’, ‘turn left’, ‘go straight on’      

How far should they go in each direction – ‘walk for 100 metres’

What landmarks they will see on the way – ‘go straight past the post office’


b) Draw a map of your own – maybe using graph paper - picking out all the important paths, roads and landmarks people will use to reach their destination.


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Does anyone else remember giving directions to strangers via every corby pub? 

By Marcus Hazel-Mcgown
On 25/09/2014

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