A kid of the 70's

playing were we shouldnt

By Piers Cadogan

As a kid Corby had so much to offer for kids like me, we had huge imaginations and spent hours outside. Just playing,not so much football but what ever games we made up, always had to be teams,and always ended by somebodys mum yelling "Dinner".

I was living in the Octogan at the time and our games would, with hind sight be a bloody dangerous hazard now. We would go down to the bottom of Pen Green and wade down the stream untill we got to the Black Pipe, then with out any regards to our own safety, we would spend hours climbing all over it, under it and just sitting on it watching trains pass underneath. In any weather.

On one occasion, i would be around 5-6, i wonderd down the steps to the signal box that was behind Stephensons way and spent an hour or so just watching the trains passing by, untill my brother came and found me, saying mum was looking for me and i had better get back or i would get the belt.

In the early to mid 70's where the over flow lakes are, there was a rallycross track laid out, and i so wanted to go and watch but my nan wouldnt let me go, so i had to make do with watching from the back bedroom window in her house on the corner of pen green and stephensons way. Not long after that the council started the work on the overflow resevoir to stop the fllooding to the houses along the stream. The ground work was just starting,and after school there was a roumer that a plane had crashed there, so like all good bkids we legged it to the site and sure enough,there in the mud was a white glider that had landed.

I still have memmorys of the bakers strike and of my mum and nan making bread, the smell is still there in my mind and it brings me back to that time of thick fog and powercuts. Then there was the uncountable times we would sit on the wall of Rockingham road bridge and drop things into the hot slag that was shunted under neath,sticks, stones, magazines and littlewoods  catalogues. Again there was no thought about falling of the bridge or into the open slag wagons

After moving from the octagon after a house fire we moved into a tempory house on stevie way and then got moved to the kingswood estate, 3 bedrooms,2 toilets and radiators down stairs, we thouth we had gone to heaven,and as kidthis would be around '77, lots of empty houses to play in and climb over. lots of fun made new friends in my new school(kingswood junior) and then there was the quarry, with that massive drag line, that was a magnet to me. we used to play there and got shouted at a lot swore at even more and had no regard for own safety. I would collect fossils in the spring and summer ,then tadpoles and newts in autumn and in the back end of the 70's there was a few very hard winters. lots of snow and ice, Kingswood jnr was closed due to snow and my mum had to go to work,so only place i could go was to my aunts house and had a very long walk to the Brontes estate in the snow.

Another memmory of winter,  up at the quarry, between the spoil heaps there where lots of very deep lakes/ponds. Those winters froze  them over to a decent thickness, but as kids we didnt know that. To our minds we thought they would be strong enough, but decided to test them by picking the heavyest rock we could carry and dropping it on the ice where we stood. If it went through the ice then it wasnt thick enough,we didnt think that we would go through with the rock if it wasnt.

Thats the sort of thing,we did back then,lots of fun but it could have turned out worse, even after the works closed we would go and climb all over the shut down drag line, where  the CTC is now located.

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