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By Kate Dyer

If you would like to be involved then you can contact us at ourcorby.editors@hotmail.co.uk

The people currently involved with the project are as follows:

Marian Anderson

Margaret Marshall

Kate Dyer

Michael Mahon

Ian Loveland

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could you help me in finding a person who moved to corby in the seveties her name was heather corbett who would now be in her 50 or 54 her dad moved down in corby he was asteelworker and they all left motherwell lanarkshire she had a sister catherine and a brother //we all went two braidhurst high school in motherwell and went about with each other when we where at school i have been trying to find her but to no avail and it would be nice to know how her life down in corby has been //it was a sad day when she left and we have never got two see her after all those years if you can get in contact with heather again my name is john hamilton on 01698263037 or by email also i am on face book //she may have married and her name would be changed //i have also put an request on the radio station thank you sincerly mr john hamiton

By john hamiton
On 27/11/2013


First, let me thank you so very much for this labor of love.  If you have seen my posts and comments you know how much this site means to so many all over the world.  Margaret Mckilvie has asked me to contact her.  I have no way of doing so.  Will you be setting up a section on the site for those of us who have found each other through ourcorby.org to be able to exchange e-mail and/or snail mail addresses. With my permission would you let me show my e-mail address in a comment for Margaret to see?  Please read the comments on both Margaret's and my pages and you will see that it would mean so much to us. Thank you, Sharen.


By Sharen Auger-Rizy
On 03/05/2014

I myself lived in Corby for a number of years, where I worked in numerous jobs in factories and on the doors in nightclubs, whilst working on the doors I got involved in raising money for different local charities and appeals, I also made a lot of good friends who I keep in touch with, but what got me about Corby was the togetherness of the people when something was needed for someone, or something, like the Lakeland's Hospice appeal, I still recieve letters and xmas cards from organisations that I raised money for before leaving to come home to Scotland in 1994, I still venture down at least once a year and I see it thinning out from the old friends and associates. so Corby take a bow you are very caring community with the heart of a lion.

By Davie Heron
On 24/04/2015

I was born in The White Hart in 1940 and spent several happy years there with my grandparents Albert and Ethel Lawrence. They moved from there in 1947 so my memories are limited to those early years of my life. An aircraft coming down and a cheer going up as a man parachuted down. The prisoners of war who lived on Johnny Walker's Farm. Johnny Walker and his wife, a lovely couple. Gathering the harvest in, collecting eggs. Freedom of play in Corby old village. Walking near a quarry or over hills - stopping to look at part of an old aircraft in a ditch! The Poll Fair and being terrified when my mother was 'called for'. Pushing a dolls pram, dressed as a nurse in the carnival. Looking after the teacher's baby at the back of the class at Rowlett school.... Camping outside the row of cottages next to the White Hart - a lovely memory your picture from 1959 brought back! 'Fanny's Field' and ice skating, waving to the passengers on the train as it chugged its way by.  Happy memories!

By Julia Flanders
On 30/05/2015

Have just found this site and think it`s wonderful. Corby has been on my mind a lot of late. I was born at home in Corby, Meeting Lane in 1956, and went to the village school at the top of the road. I would love to share and exchange memories of my childhood. I have been in Scotland for many years, but would love to come back and visit before I`m toooo old.

By jean Holland(nee Hunter)
On 09/07/2015

Hello, We are the Young Foundation, a social innovation charity organisation based in London, tackling social inequality. We'll soon be visiting Corby as part of our research on industrial towns in England. We selected Corby because of its rich history and we felt it was the most interesting to look at. We came across your group on Facebook and we would really like to speak with you and some of your members about living in Corby and Corby’s history.

If you are interested in speaking with us, please get in touch by responding to this message here. 

Many thanks!
Young Foundation Research Team

By Young Foundation
On 16/10/2017

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