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Would be good to see any photos from the 80's Pole Fair.

By D
On 26/05/2011

I was part of the Corby Pole fair in 1982. I was part of the Woodnewton Juniors school choir and I remember learning the songs.. I felt so proud! I was only 10 at the time. I would love to see photos of that one too.

By Rebecca
On 05/05/2012

I was on a float run by the Scouts in the '82 pole fair, my little brother managed to get put in the stocks for a picture that appeared in the calender. At the ox roast my dad knew the fella running it and managed to get a free handfull of meat for him and my brother before it had officially opened. Later that evening we watched the fireworks and my little brother got some ash in his eye and we spent the last hour of the nite in the St. Johns ambulance tent. Fond memories.

By Ian Still
On 30/05/2012

Can anyone explain to me why the tradition started in the 1800s and not in Elizabethan times after the Charter was granted?


By Norman Boyd
On 30/03/2017

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